Future Bookworms

Through our leveled readers and video lessons, we introduce your young child to the world of reading and language.  On our site, we offer our texts for sale and provide access to video learning.
This is a wonderful way to introduce children to reading, vocabulary, and language.  This will provide an educational advantage that stays with students for a lifetime.
Future Bookworms LLC is run by experienced American teachers.  We are available to discuss your child’s English education – either using our books and this website or in school.  When you feel, your child is old enough for one on one Skype tutoring we will provide help finding the best teacher and the first month of classes will be discounted
Asian boy 6 years with tablet computer

Tasha and Benji Books

Our intermediate readers have stories introduce the adventures of Tasha and Benji.  These stories are about an 8-year-old girl named Tasha and her little dog Benji.  

Beginning Vocabulary

For our youngest students, we offer the series Beginning Vocabulary.  Each book contains four vocabulary lessons in the print format.  The eBook versions are published as four separate books.

Benny and Friends

For our new readers, we offer the series, Benny and Friends.  Benny and his pals will teach your child about everyday activities and objects.